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Disappointed for multiple reasons

Reviewed By BruceSaldana on Jul 29, 2017

They claim to do dissertations but they can’t (mine was just 5 pages long), they are way too expensive and they are very careless about plagiarism! Just so freaking disappointed!

Writers with no skills at all

Reviewed By ObertoLombardo on Jul 27, 2017

So I had ordered 2 essays and paid 80$ for each. They gave back both essays to me before the deadline and both of them were equally shitty. Their writers don’t even know English.

Just the worst service ever

Reviewed By ava luker on Jul 25, 2017

Everything was bad. They did not edit paper, they did not reference it. And they didn’t even give a title to my essay! Never calling them again! Never.

Did not fulfill specifications

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on Jul 18, 2017

They really messed up the formatting and referencing of my essay. I had to fix it on my own! Thank god the content of the paper was not bad or I would’ve been doomed! Their pricing policy is ridiculous though.

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