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I am pursuing my Ph.D. in History. Yes, History is my favorite subject, but my research skills are not that good. Let me also tell you that apart from studying, I am also doing a part-time job to partly finance my education. We all know that research work is time-consuming, but unfortunately I don’t have so much time since I have to strike a balance between my studies and job. So I thought of getting my dissertation done with the help of writers at OzEssay.com.au portal.


I had searched for dissertation help services on Google Australia and came across this website. I compared this website with similar other portals and found that it had an edge over others. Yes, their claim of hiring 200 Ph.D. level researchers convinced me to go ahead and give this brand a try.


Anyways, first of all, I checked out the price at which this website was offering me service before I could place my order. I was pleased to see that there was no need to click on a separate price page on their website. Rather an ‘Instant Quote’ mechanism was present on the left side of their homepage. But my joy was short-lived; they were charging a whopping AU$107.49 for a three-page dissertation even when the deadline was two weeks away. Being into a part-time job, it pinched my pocket a bit but then time wasn’t something that I could afford to give myself, even for writing a dissertation assignment. So ultimately I went ahead and placed a dissertation help order with this website.


I found a very detailed order page which had two sections – one for new and one for existing customers. Being a new customer, it took me some time to fill up their entire form. At the form’s end, it was interesting to see that they offered two payment options: one via Debit or Credit card while the other one via PayPal. I went for instant and safe payment mode via PayPal as I did not want to part with my credit card or debit card details. But I was later told by my friends that it’s totally safe to pay on these websites using debit or credit card. Anyway, I placed my order via Paypal mode of payment to get a dissertation help material on the topic of Industrial Revolution.


Now the ordeal begin: I received my order just three days before my actual submission date. Yes, the delay was unacceptable since I had very little time to refer to this help material and prepare the final draft. Somehow, I tried to complete the final dissertation, but I was shocked to see that the dissertation help material consisted of many inaccuracies related to the topic. The writer had carelessly mentioned the Spinning Mule’s inventor as James Hargreaves instead of Samuel Crompton. Later, I checked that James Hargreaves had invented the Spinning Jenny. I immediately wanted to raise these issues with the company’s online support staff, but I faced disappointed over here too. It was mentioned that their live support was away, so I needed to leave a message. I mean, seriously? Do they expect students like me shuttling between their academics and job life to leave a message for them and follow up with it each day? If I had the luxury of so much of time, then I would have completed the dissertation by myself or with some assistance from a peer.


But still I left a message stating about the erroneous dissertation material I had received from them. After a few hours, I received an email from them stating that their writers will rework on my dissertation and deliver me a rectified draft totally free of charge.


I clearly refused for a rework since they claimed to provide hundred percent satisfaction to the customers. I called up on their phone number and demand a refund, but their customer support personnel told me that it was not at all possible by stating some excuse or the other.


Only three days remained for submission, and I had only few hours each day to complete my dissertation assignment. Somehow, I rectified the points and mistakes of the help material while making the final dissertation draft. I clearly knew that I’ll be submitting a dissertation whose content may consist of some error or the quality may not be so good. But since I did not want to take any chances with my dissertation or course, I got my entire dissertation draft checked through a plagiarism checking software with the help of a friend. Luckily, the draft reflected an ‘authentic’ content which was the only face-saver for me. Finally, I secured a ‘B’ grade for my History dissertation in spite of the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee claim by OzEssay.com.au. I tried hard to console myself by thinking that a B grade is better than being expelled from the university for a plagiarized assignment.


I thought of calling the support staff company to tell them about the average grade I secured in my History dissertation. This time, they apologized and I demanded to speak directly to the writer concerned. When I told the writer about my grade and the errors he had committed, he started giving excuses in an argumentative tone. By hearing him, I doubt whether he was really a Ph.D. qualified writing expert in History or just a graduate or high school pass-out.


I am thoroughly disappointed with their services and attitude, especially their ‘satisfaction’ and ‘money back’ claims. In spite of receiving a plagiarism-free dissertation material before the deadline, I feel quite cheated by experiencing their services. It seemed more like a disservice to me

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complete rubbish

Reviewed By ammie jackson on Feb 15, 2018

the assignment that I got from Ozessay.com.au was complete rubbish. I had to redo more than half of the assignment myself to bring it to some kind of presentable form. I think am going to fail because of the poor standard of work provided by them. I am completely disappointed by the services.

Mixed experience !!

Reviewed By AaronFulton on Sep 11, 2017

The assignment was well written, but I detect several mistakes in the calculation part. The formula was written wrong. But the explanation was good. All in one, it was a mixed bag experience for me.

You are cheaters

Reviewed By EvieConnelly on Aug 25, 2017

My essay paper has no title, no conclusion, no references, nothing? What did I pay you for? To waste my time? You cheaters! I will take my money back and spread your name among my friends for sure.

Needs Improvement

Reviewed By DeanBuvelot on Aug 24, 2017

I would not give them 5 out of 5 to this company because they need to work on their professionalism more. However, I am happy with their efficiency in delivering the essay paper on time.

Never go this site

Reviewed By FinnAdams on Aug 4, 2017

Everyone complain about this site. They have been cheating people for continuously long time. I had ordered my essay from them and what they sent is not at all worth of the money that I paid. Moreover, they send the work in pieces and take money in installments claiming that the price is high fir their high class writers.

Took money but no assignment

Reviewed By MorganWalton on Aug 3, 2017

What the hell is this!!! I did not get my assignment at all. And I could not reach their customer care service at all. They have blocked my number so that they can cheat me. Do not how many people are in this trap. They took my money and no paper now.

Oh god, plagiarism !!!

Reviewed By CodyGotch on Aug 2, 2017

You know what nobody should take help from them. They provided me plagiarized assignment. I am quite frustrated. The only thing that is good about them is their rates are cheap.

Not enough data

Reviewed By AliceFerrier on Aug 1, 2017

Hello, I am Lucas. I bought statistic assignment from them two days back. Though delivered me the assignment on the exact date, it did not include all the required data. I am not going to take help from them again.


Reviewed By AustinThwaites on Jul 29, 2017

Big scammer alert!! All students beware. These people will show you impressive samples, lure you to order your essay from them and then will deliver utter crap after the deadline!

Poor experience

Reviewed By KaylaBrereton on Jul 27, 2017

I only took their help because my friend said they will be good but she was wrong. Their writers don’t know, how to even write a proper assignment. The conclusion was missing and it had no title!!

Haven’t received order yet

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on Jul 25, 2017

It’s been two months and these assholes haven’t even submitted my assignment yet. I feel like taking them to court. I swear I’m going to sue these bloody fat corporate pigs!

Better customer support needed

Reviewed By Robert Hook on Jul 18, 2017

I think they have an attitude problem. Just because the quality of their dissertation is a little above average, they completely refused to take my suggestions! That was really rude.

Be aware of this company

Reviewed By jender cage on Jan 27, 2017

They are big liars. They claim to provide 100% plagiarism free solutions. The help material they provided me was 50% plagiarized. I asked them to revise the paper. But they rejected. Be aware of them.

Does not deliver assignment on time

Reviewed By Jashmine Blake on Jan 23, 2017

All I know is this is not an ideal company on which you are likely to spend your money. Choose one that can at least send the assignment on time, not like this one.

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