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Fake writer profile!!!

Reviewed By CodyGreenway on Sep 11, 2017

I was said that my Language assignment would be solved only by native writers. I was impressed and placed an order. I was shocked when I received it. It was all wrong across the paper. No quality, no language. Bloody writers! I failed because of you.

Fine not great !!

Reviewed By AmberGrattan on Sep 11, 2017

The assignment paper is well written, but it lacks the presentation and in-depth knowledge. It could have been better if the writer took more time to incorporate more relevant data, charts, diagrams, graphical pictures. All in all, it was fine.

Not worth it at all !!

Reviewed By ConnorFinn on Aug 25, 2017

Guys! Will you please tell me how this work for you? Because I did whatever you guys asked for. But did not receive the assignment in the end. What’s wrong with your guys? I want my assignment. I don’t know how but give me my assignment.

What’s wrong with you guys?

Reviewed By EvaGalway on Aug 25, 2017

Is there any way to make your writers understand what I want? I think not. Because I have told them so many times what I want in my assignment. But they vigorously failed to deliver the assignment. I want to know why? Why are they so unprofessional?

Professionalism was missing!!

Reviewed By LeoHordern on Aug 24, 2017

Quite impressed by your service but not at all impressed by the quality of the assignment. Such a good delivery you gave me. Such a good customer care service I found. But my essay paper was not written in a professional manner. After reading my paper, I felt that it is very simple and could be written by a new writer.

Thought I would get the best service!!

Reviewed By AngelinaCanterbury on Aug 24, 2017

Well, after seeing your site where you claim that you will give me the best service and that is what I thought. But unfortunately, I got a very average one. The assignment paper delivery was good and on time but the content was not of first class standard. I expected something very excellent in content. Even got a lot of help from customer care executive during the ordering process.

Trustworthy!! My foot

Reviewed By GeorgiaWalsh on Aug 4, 2017

I got cheated by going through their site and believing on their ‘trustworthy’ word. They are not at all so. Not at all trustworthy and dependable. I got a really bad paper even after paying a huge sum of money and giving them a good two weeks time to finish a case study assignment.

Fake-a*s company

Reviewed By FreyaHawkins on Aug 3, 2017

The assignment writer named Henry had promised me the delivery of a quality solution but what I got instead was pure garbage. Now they say refund is against company policy!

Unaffordable rates

Reviewed By FrancescaGarner on Aug 2, 2017

I was assigned a last minute assignment by my chemistry professor. This task was impossible for me. So, I placed my order with them. The assignment I received was not that bad. But their rates are really high.

Average quality of content received

Reviewed By AustinSkemp on Aug 1, 2017

The content quality was average. I mean if I had the time, then I could have written the essay consisting of similar contents provided by the professionals. So, I could find anything exceptional about their service. However, the paper wasn’t worse either.

No response from the academic mentors

Reviewed By RileyMazure on Aug 1, 2017

I was told that academic mentors will be available 24x7 if I need any help. When I tried to reach the assignment academic mentors, I found them inactive. This is not done. Please be professional from the next time.

Writers were not impressive

Reviewed By AlyssaStrong on Jul 31, 2017

I asked the dissertation experts of the firm to draft a proper paper including every insightful detail with full referencing. However, they could not draft the paper well, as I found many important points missing.

This company should get zero stars from everyone

Reviewed By AmyBanks on Jul 29, 2017

How have people even given positive reviews about them is beyond me!! Can they not see that their essay writers are crappy and their prices exorbitant? These must be paid reviews I’m sure.

Hire them at your own risk

Reviewed By EvelyneBergeron on Jul 27, 2017

If you want my honest opinion, then lemme tell you that if you hire them, your assignment will be full of mistakes of all kinds and they will not even revise it, even if you beg them to!

Bloody fraudsters

Reviewed By ava luker on Jul 25, 2017

I got ripped off bad. They took the full amount for my dissertation from me and then never even submitted it! I got screwed so bad! Now I’ll have to repeat an entire year and all thanks to them.

Just managed to get me C

Reviewed By Robert Hook on Jul 18, 2017

When you pay so much of money to get your accounts assignment done, you expect something better. They charge high and help you achieve average grades only.

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