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I had this assignment to submit where I had this research paper to write on accounting and business management.  Being too busy with my studies for my PhD, I could barely manage to find time to sit with the research process. So what I did is that I got few suggestions to take assignment help from writing service providers. I hesitated at first because I had a lot of questions, but then I decided to get it as my submission date was approaching. I was trying to find a site where I could talk with the writers since I hold a good reputation in the eyes of my professors. I just wanted to be sure that they understand what I need. I wanted to select a writer of my choice after speaking with a few and choose the best one. And that is where I got introduced to


Proficiency of Writers


I was pleased thinking that I chose the best writer after devoting much time and having a talk with a few of them where they assured me that they would give me the best paper. But I had my worst nightmare when the paper came. It was terrible and horribly written. The writing clearly showed me that the writer did not at all understood what I wanted in the paper and what the topic is about. To my surprise, I found that the same writers were bidding every time I changed the subject. I thought that the site provided writers who are subject specialists proficient enough to write on any topic. And that is when I realized what the reason was behind my terrible paper.


Quality of Solutions 


From the paper, it was pretty much evident that things were paraphrased and there was little original work. The paper wasn’t at all edited and proofread properly. The language was unprofessional. There was a lot of spelling mistakes as well as grammatical mistakes especially there was confusion with the tenses. In many of the places, I found that the lines had no meaning. I could not understand what the writer wanted to say. I even could not find what few paragraphs meant and how at all they are linked with the topic. The conclusion was not even clear. There was no proper referencing, and I was concerned with high chances of plagiarism due to which I had to check myself.


On-Time Delivery


The delivery was late. I had to continuously text the writer to show me at least the first half of what she had written which she didn't. She just said that it would distract her, so she does not want to do that. I had to persuade my professor to give me a day’s time to submit my work. And I had to go through the whole paper and correct it. And moreover, there was no one to whom I can complain about this.




Range of Services


If someone wants to select his own writer, then this site offers a huge list of them. But there is no guarantee about the quality of writers. Later I found out that the same writer can write on two entirely different topics, through which I apparently felt that there is some kind of fraud or scam just to take the charges. Also, you have to wait for writers to see your topic and place their bids. The sites claim that we can check a writers rating, feedback, experience, their writing activities, etc. which I saw only to be half true. The positive thing is that you can have a different price range as writers offer their price. All payments are secured, and you have the facility to pay in instalments as well. The money back guarantee better to be kept as a no guarantee at all. Just another good aspect is that all personal information is classified.




It is very tough to compare the price range as I have seen that different writers demand different price. But the amount of money that I spent for my assignment is not at all worth for the poor quality writing that I got. Had it been for the best quality paper still it would be high. And when I am paying the directly to the writers, I really did not understand why I had to pay so much. Still, I took their service just in the hope that I will get a good piece of writing for such an amount.


Efficiency of Support Team


The site does not have a support team at all. And this was one aspect I did not like. I could not complain either ask for a refund. It is good to work directly with the writers, but personally, I think that there must be a support service to handle all queries. I just had to choose my writer by seeing all their smiling pictures boasting of their work, the badges and awards that the site gave them. If They could invest in decorating their site so much and giving lots of advertisements they should keep a customer care service to facilitate us. I really could not understand how it is even possible to manage without them.




The first and foremost suggestion is to introduce a customer care facility without whom it is pretty tough to take the services because there are a lot of problems that we customers face while taking the service. Secondly, there needs to be a check on the writers as well. Being a customer, I have my rights to get a writer who is a subject specialist but if this is the thing that they do not reveal who they actually are and what are their specialities it is evident we will get a bad paper. Also, it is a suggestion that the site introduces a recruiting team where they will check the writers for their academic qualification, how skilled they are in writing, how much experience they have in the job field or in the industry, etc. And only after they pass the test they would be eligible to be enrolled in the list. I think by doing this, the customers can select a genuine writer.

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ontime but bad service

Reviewed By Timothy Wilson on 08 Feb, 2018

The website has timely services I had received my assignment exactly on the time that I had set as my deadline. This is the good part, now comes the issues, the quality of language used in the paper was like a kinder-garden student. There were several sentences that made absolutely no sense which infuriated me. I don't want to be rude but the service of the is really bad.

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Fake writer profile!!!

Reviewed By CodyGreenway on 11 Sep, 2017

I was said that my Language assignment would be solved only by native writers. I was impressed and placed an order. I was shocked when I received it. It was all wrong across the paper. No quality, no language. Bloody writers! I failed because of you.

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Fine not great !!

Reviewed By AmberGrattan on 11 Sep, 2017

The assignment paper is well written, but it lacks the presentation and in-depth knowledge. It could have been better if the writer took more time to incorporate more relevant data, charts, diagrams, graphical pictures. All in all, it was fine.

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Not worth it at all !!

Reviewed By ConnorFinn on 25 Aug, 2017

Guys! Will you please tell me how this work for you? Because I did whatever you guys asked for. But did not receive the assignment in the end. What's wrong with your guys? I want my assignment. I don't know how but give me my assignment.

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What’s wrong with you guys?

Reviewed By EvaGalway on 25 Aug, 2017

Is there any way to make your writers understand what I want? I think not. Because I have told them so many times what I want in my assignment. But they vigorously failed to deliver the assignment. I want to know why? Why are they so unprofessional?

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