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That day I had just completed my essay on electrolysis and submitted it to my chemistry professor. In the next period, our physics professor assigned me a research paper on thermodynamics. The exams were due next week. At that moment, I was not ready to spend my crucial study hours preparing this research paper. I requested my professor to kindly postpone the work after the exam but he told me that it was a part of the curriculum and I needed to do it. There was no other choice than to take assistance from professional services that operate in Australia.


I had used this online academic assistance service once in my life when I was in the first year. At that time I had taken assistance from The website did a pretty decent job at that time. So, again this time, I decided to go to the same site. I visited the website of after two long years. When I logged in, I found that the website was refurbished and now it reflected a vibrant yellow color.


One thing I found really cool about this website was its clear pricing policy. Though it was my second time, I am sure even the first-timers would get a clear knowledge about the prospective prices. But the prices do not exactly match in the final order; just what happened with me this time. They followed the same process what I applied two years ago. I had a chat with the customer care service through the online chatting service. It showed as live help assistance but I found it actually online very few times and it responded to my query after 45 minutes to be very precise. I got to know from the customer care that they had experts in the subject Physics who would be assigned my task.


Though the overall design of the website was decent, but how they described themselves was terrible! Usage of language like ‘we are predators’, ‘our enemy is school work’ and those other nonsense disappointed me rather than impressing. I don’t know if this was present the first time when I took their service as that time I was in a real hurry. Anyway, I ignored it and moved on to place the order as the quality of the essay is what counts on the final day.


I forgot the earlier user account so I had to prepare a new one for myself. Placing the order was not smooth and I had to repeat the process three times and after that the order placement was successful. But the customer care informed me that the hassle caused was due to their internal technical glitches. Here I found that on confirming my order by making the payment, the prices did not match. It was quite higher than what it showed in the price calculator in the homepage. Again I contacted the customer care from where I was informed that the extra charge is due to my subject specifications. I confirmed the order by giving them a deadline of two days which is sufficient to prepare an essay on thermodynamics.


Here I would like to state that they gave no choice to contact the writer itself. I had to convey my requirements through the customer care which I said was not online every time. They should introduce a method through which the students can directly talk to their writers. Believe me, it makes the work better.


Now the shocking part! They delivered my essay in three days with a whole one day delay. They never told me the actual cause of this late delivery. Every time I contacted, the customer service told that the essay was almost done and would be delivered soon. Finally they did it a day after the deadline. But the quality of the essay was not bad. Whoever had done it, had kept in mind my requirements. It even included the mathematical derivation of the Landau Potential which I forgot to mention in my requirements but they did it. However, they forgot to deliver the reference and citations with the essay. Again I had to contact the customer care which as a habit was not online and I had to mail to them. They delivered it within 2 hours. Perfect Harvard referencing, no complaints! But they could have delivered the completed work in the first place itself.


In the essay, there were no factual, theoretical or mathematical errors. But I found some spelling errors in the text which must have been made in a hurry. I cannot understand why the spelling mistakes remained in the paper even when they took one more day to complete the essay. They offered me a rework to rectify those spelling mistakes but I chose to do it myself. I was a little apprehensive this time as they might take a long time to do the rework. So I discarded the option for rework from them and did it myself, finishing it off within half an hour.


The result of this essay was declared along with my performance results and I received ‘A’ grade which I think is a pretty good score considering the topic thermodynamics. Definitely, it is one of the hardest branches of Physics. I was delighted with my overall results as I had performed better than the last semester. The credit goes to my prompt decision of taking professional assistance at the right time. If I had done the essay by myself, I would have lost some crucial time in which I studied. It was nearly impossible to study when you need to do a practical task simultaneously.


Finally, the verdict! Overall I am happy with the service of But it needs improvement in quite a few areas. Firstly, they need to design their website professionally, make the order process hassle-free (my order placement was not smooth) and add some samples in the website. Two-three samples are not enough to judge the quality. The customer service needs to be online every time. There had been many times when I did not find them online and even if they were online, they did not respond immediately. They need to show some professionalism in customer care. With regards to the quality I have nothing to say and they are doing well. But they should allow talking to the experts personally. In one area that they need drastic improvement is delivering the papers within the deadline. The last time too they could not send me the paper on time and this time they failed radically to deliver the paper even after one day. I study in an Australian university and every institution in the country do not show any form of tolerance to the students who submit their papers late. They can even cancel their paper awarding a failed grade. Hence, they need to deliver all the papers within the time.


The prices are affordable, neither too less nor too high. But one thing I acknowledge is that their papers are completely authentic and contains no plagiarism.


Finally, the provides good content but they cannot maintain the time-frame given to them. The students can resort to this site if they have a very long deadline for their practical work!

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Online Assignment Help Australia

Reviewed By Petter Bell on 09 Mar, 2018

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Satisfactory !

Reviewed By EvaTowns on 28 Jul, 2017

The content quality was good, it solved the purpose though. But, they should also concentrate on submitting the paper following the given deadline. Although I received a well-framed essay, that was two days later than the actual date of submission.

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I want to hand them over to the police

Reviewed By Ava luker on 26 Jul, 2017

I normally do not write reviews but this time I had to! People need to know what fraudsters these people are. You ask for 2000-word essay and they will give you 200 words and no money back!

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They are okay

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 17 Jul, 2017

I'm not really impressed. I mean yeah some things were good, like they offered revisions and plagiarism report. But the dissertation I got was only enough to get me average grades.

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Hidden charges

Reviewed By Robert Jhonson on 25 Jan, 2017

Beware of this company! It has some hidden charges with its services. It was affordable when I saw the assignment quote, but the final payable amount was different. I feel cheated. Do not go for this services.

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